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Massachusetts Serial Killers

Massachusetts Serial Killers is a two-part slideshow/lecture in which methods of criminal profiling are discussed along with three historical cases of serial murder in Massachusetts. 

Part one of the lecture examines the mind of a serial killer through the knowledge gained in the profiling field by such men as John Douglas and Robert Reisler of the FBI's Behavior Analysis Unit.  The talk will touch on the two different types of serial killers and also the four categories. There will also be a short discussion on crime scene examination and differentiate the M.O. of a killer from his or her signature.

Part two of the will focus on three Massachusetts serial killers; Thomas Piper, the "Boston Belfry Murderer," Albert DeSalvo, the so-called "Boston Strangler," and Kenneth Harrison, known as the "Giggler."

There will be a discussion at the end of the talk where the audience after examining the crimes and the crime scenes, can try to determine what type and category each killer fit into as well as identifying the M.O. and signature of the killers. At the end of this discussion, the audience will be given the essential facts of one of the most notorious unsolved serial killings in Massachusetts history (without revealing which one) and attempt to develop a basic profile on the killer.

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