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Christopher Daley Historian/Author/Lecturer
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"He Now Belongs to the Ages" 

The Lincoln Assassination

   About an hour in length, the talk begins with a short synopsis of the backdrop of the Civil War leading into an examination of the plot to kidnap Lincoln and how that plot developed into a scheme to assassinate the president. Both Lincoln and Booth's movements during the day of the assassination are meticulously chronicled using a simultaneous timeline. And then, by utilizing photographs of the period, modern photographs and video, the assassination is recounted in stunning detail. The escape and capture of John Wilkes Booth is fully described with photographs and video footage of the locations where he hid and the site where he was killed. The lecture concludes with a vivid description of the trial of the all of the conspirators and execution of the four of them; Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell, David Herold and George Atzerodt. 




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